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The action 'Students for Ukraine - We help' started almost three weeks ago. During this time, students with the support of doctoral students and employees have undertaken the organisation of several activities for people affected by the warfare in Ukraine. First of all, donations are accepted, both from individuals who want to help in any way they can and from institutions that send aid shipments.

In the logistics centre at the Faculty of Social Sciences, the donations are sorted, categorised and, depending on the needs, transported to Ukraine or collected by those in need.

The members of the committee also try to integrate the university community around the support activities. One idea for joint action was to organise a cake fair. Several dozen cakes were brought to the event, which took place on March 12, at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Marta Karcz, the initiator of the fair, recalls that she thought of this way of supporting the action because she herself likes cooking and baking. In her opinion, the weekend could have been more attractive for cake lovers, especially those who work during the week, just like her.

There was such a variety of cakes, pastries and pies that everyone could find their favourite flavours. Students and employees of the university, together with the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Education Quality, prof. UG Arnold Kłonczyński, calculated that thanks to the fundraising that took place during the fair, over PLN 4200 was collected.

'The amount collected exceeded our expectations. The money will be allocated for the benefit of people in need in Ukraine,' - emphasizes Marcelina Wilczewska, the organizer of the action.

The Committee, together with the Centre for Student and Doctoral Activities of the University of Gdańsk, is planning further actions shortly, aimed at, among others, integration of students, doctoral students and employees of the University of Gdańsk with members of academic communities from Ukraine.

Panels will be organised, in which representatives of both nationalities will take part.

'It is also planned to involve people from Ukraine in the activities carried out by the unit,' - emphasizes Łukasz Bień from the Centre for Student and Doctoral Activities at the UG.

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