MegaBaza edukacyjna Perspektywy®

If you still can't decide whether to join the Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2023, even though you know everyone will be there... We prepared something that will ultimately convince you!

Find your favorite workshop topics!

Perfect your skills with 56 developing workshops conducted by leading industry specialists, on many subjects, including: ✦ coding ✦ computer vision ✦ cybersecurity ✦ platform engineering ✦ efficiency & effectiveness ✦ team building ✦ leadership ✦ power of diversity ✦ programming & automation ✦ ESG strategy & decarbonization strategy ✦ agile ✦ full stack app ✦ innovation & design thinking ✦ stakeholders ✦ technology project management   


Do not hesitate! The number of seats for Workshops is limited!

Knowledge, upskilling and networking - that’s what Summit is all about!
We can't wait to meet you at the Workshops to discuss,
inspire each other and exchange experiences.


  • Power of DiversITy -  Artur Czech (IT Support Analyst-Service Desk at 3M),  Ekaterina Khaleyeva (IT Support Senior Analyst-Service Desk at 3M),  Veranika Ramashka (IT Support Analyst-Service Desk at 3M),
  • Safe kids, or what we can do to make sure our children know how to stay safe online [PL] - Marta Frydrych Gąsowska (Compliance Advisor Manager at Akamai) & Kasia Połomska (Software Development Engineer in Test at Akamai),
  • From Idea to the Market: Invent and Simplify with Amazon - Mikołaj Olszewski (Senior Software Engineer, Amazon Alexa/ TTS),
  • #EmbraceEquity in a tech world! -  Kateryna Kaminska (Senior TPM , Amazon Ring),  Kasia Konczalska (Software Development Manager, Amazon Alexa AI-Natural Understanding), Magdalena Sykut (Software Development Engineer, Amazon Key for Business),
  • Learn to Code on AWS - Workshop - Krzysztof Wilczyński (DevOps Consultant at Amazon Web Services),
  • Where Business Meets Technology. An Interactive Workshop by BCG - Laura Deryng (Associate at BCG) & Daria Sadowska (Consultant at BCG),
  • Exploring Generative AI in IT Architecture: Integrating Innovation into Digital Landscapes - Filip Mihalovič (Senior IT Architect at BCG Platinion),
  • Computer Vision Masterclass - Eloise Sorin (Senior Data Scientist at BCG X),
  • Choose, grow and thrive in the world of CyberSecurity - Zaid Al-Kurdi (Cisco Customer Delivery Architect Leader) & Abhishek Ganju (Cisco Customer Delivery),
  • Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) - Bogna Trimouillat  (Customer Delivery Architect at Cisco),
  • What is technology Project Management? - Łukasz Pszczółkowski (Project Manager at Citi) & Patryk Maliszewski (Project Manager at Citi),
  • The art of talking to and about yourself - Nadia Bouacid (Team Leader at COI),
  • Max production volume in the clouds - A play session in a (a)synchronous world - Janusz Kukla (Head of Cloud Practice at Continental),
  • “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what career in IT you will have” - Dajana Barczak (IT Quality Analyst at 3M) & Ewa Korpal (Senior Software Performance Testing Analyst at 3M),
  • Empower yourself for the change! - Agnieszka Szebesta  (Regional Lead of CIO Infrastructure Services at Credit Suisse),
  • Agile Retrospectives: Bulding Great Teams - Paulina Świątkiewicz (Agile Trainer at Credit Suisse),
  • Unlocking Agility – Scrum Simulation Game - Adam Jaworski (Scrum Leader, Agile Transformation Team at Dell Technologies Poland),
  • How raising children can make us better leaders - Matthew Brylka (Director of Engineering, Poland Site LeadAC at Dropbox),
  • Compassionate Leadership in Virtual first Environment - Karol Harabasz (Senior Software Engineering Manager at Dropbox),
  • Czasem zdalnie, czasem w biurze - jak odnaleźć się w hybrydowym modelu pracy, wiele zyskać i jak najmniej stracić - Katarzyna Subko-Wojtaszek (Agile and softs skills trainer at Ericsson),
  • Technologie światłowodowe. Odkryjmy razem ich podstawy, potencjał jaki za sobą niosą i wpływ jaki mają na nasze życie - Agnieszka Kruk-Kamińska (Process Development Supervisor at Corning),
  • Low-code: Building Automated Process Without Getting Lost in Spaghetti of Code - Anna Legierska (Software Engineer at Goldman Sachs) & Jadwiga Piechota (Software Engineer at Goldman Sachs),
  • #IAmRemarkable - Jolijn Adriaansen (Program Manager, Industry Talent Outreach at Google) & Justyna Charubin (Site Program Manager at Google),
  • Unlock Your Career Potential: Mastering the Art of CV Writing with Google - Jolijn Adriaansen (Program Manager, Industry Talent Outreach at Google),
  • How did I become an IT Security professional? - 3 women's stories - Sylwia Jędrzejczyk (Threat & Vulnerability Management Engineer at Hitachi),
  • Are you new to automation and don't know where to start? Does the thought of coding make you anxious? Don't worry, we have got you covered! - Michał Szymanik(Senior QA Manager at HSBC) & MIchał Koza (QA & Automation Test Manager | Senior Engineering Manager),
  • Streamlining Your Workflow: Empowering Efficiency through Programming and Automation - My Journey and Insights - Beata Witek (Senior Engineer at ING Tech),
  • Sztuczna Inteligencja dla zabieganych - Andrzej Jankowski (Artificial Intelligence Team Account Manager at Intel),
  • Głuchy do mnie dzwoni, czyli zaprojektuj dostępną usługę - Marta Bączkowska (Senior Leader, Group CX Social Media at Allegro)
  • ESG strategy and decarbonization strategy. How to combine them and why? Workshop with practical exercises - Justyna Wysocka-Golec (Director, Decarbonization at KPMG) & Patrycja Woźniak (Assistant Manager at KPMG),
  • Stakeholders - how to manage them and not to go crazy - Maria Babkiewicz (Software Engineering Leader at Motorola),
  • How to build a robot for business and home? - Anna Sirenka (Process Automation and Business Tools Development Specialist at Orange), Dariusz Czerwiński (Process Automation and Business Tools Development Expert at Orange) i Wojciech Kaszuba (Director of Business Environment Transformation at Orange).
  • Create full stack app from scratch - Kamila Kazimierska (Junior Full Stack Developer at Orsted) & Piotr Chmielewski (Senior Full Stack Developer at Orsted),
  • Product Manager: A mini CEO - KInga Morawska (Engineering Manager at P&G),
  • Make the most of Data Engineering - Agnieszka Kujawska (Senior Data Engineer at P&G),
  • Innovation and design thinking - enabler of product design - Michalina Krupa (Automation & Performance Management Manager at Pandora),
  • Designing apps users want and love - Magdalena Marynowska (Senior User Experience Architect at Philip Morris),
  • Simple Trading App Development - Jakub Fibinger (Softaware Engineer at Point 72),
  • Cyber threats – is it magic? Or tricks that can be seen through easily? - Agata Kowalska (Cyber  Risk Management Secialist at Santander) & Michał Mazur (Cybersecurity Expert at Santander),
  • Advancing your career as a woman in leadership - Natalia Perkowska (Head of Talent Acquisition at SoftSwiss),
  • How to h@ck your career with transferable skills? - Jakub Olszewski (Lead, Information and Cyber Security, People Security Manager at Standard Chartered) & Katarzyna Skrocka (Information and Cyber Security (ICS) Knowledge at Standard Chartered),
  • Platform Engineering: The Ultimate Guide for Engineers and Managers - Wojciech Zajda (Security Engineering Manager at State Street).


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